$100 as a measure of time.

We often hear that time is money but have you ever calculated it? Literally?

Introducing the 168 Time Budget

The fact that most of us budget money and not time has always intrigued me. Money is an elastic resource that is figuratively infinite. Time, however, is finite; we can't make more of it, once it is gone, it is gone. 168 hours a week. That is all we have. You, me, Elon Musk, Oprah … Continue reading Introducing the 168 Time Budget

Zero Inbox: Stop the Yo-Yo diet.

Current email weight: 700+ unread Goal email weight: Zero Attack plan: 1. Educate ourselves on how to eat email better - consume all forms of advice, tips & tricks on how to better manage out the junk to focus on more quality email. 2. Create a realistic plan with SMART principles to achieve and maintain goal email weight, which we … Continue reading Zero Inbox: Stop the Yo-Yo diet.

My Past, Present & Future Selves

For months I have been juggling a staggering multitude of projects, initiatives, and travel - at a level more than my usual hectic rhythm - to my own dismay, a couple weeks ago, I danced dangerously near the edge of my personal limits. Even though many friends and acquaintances often remark that they have no idea how I … Continue reading My Past, Present & Future Selves

Mental rumble-strips. Using the past and the future to stay in the present.

Since returning from paradise, I am slowly re-plugging myself back into the Matrix of everyday life. Fortunately, the Tico magic still lingers, continuing to gift me with profound reflections this week.

Snap. Click. Capturing the moment.

Point, shoot. Snap, click. I love pictures. I take hundreds if not thousands of them. I even pay for cloud storage so they can automatically upload themselves from my devices. Yet, in my desire to capture the moment, I have come to realize how often I unconsciously cut short the magic of the moment itself in … Continue reading Snap. Click. Capturing the moment.