Costa Rica – Living in the moment

This is my third trip to Costa Rica in 3 consecutive years. As a world traveler who loves to see new places, my numerous returns are a testament to the beauty and splendor of this place. The tico magic has cast its spell on me and I am smitten.

One word: Nature. It is everywhere. Even waltzing across my screen as I type these words and nibbling on the crumbs I’ve left on the table next to me. The sounds of life, without the city, of birds, insects, trees, waterfalls and monkeys. And the lush visions of green everywhere I can see.

When I am here, I live in the present moment. Every minute is now, every second too. Time slows down so I can appreciate every flap of a bird’s wings and marvel at ants marching down trees. I watch clouds stumble over the peak of Arenal Volcano as they make their way across the glorious sky, backlit by the orange embers of the setting sun. And in this moment, I am grateful to be alive, to partake in these beautiful interactions with nature.

I depart Arenal and La Fortuna tomorrow and make way to Montezuma by way of a small plane from San José to Tambor. I am excited to return to Anamaya, a place where I feel at peace with myself and nature. I’ve missed their Costa Rican coffee with coconut milk and the incredible view of the ocean off their yoga deck. My home sweet home away from home ❤

Rio de la Fortuna Waterfall

Me at the foot of the Rio de la Fortuna Waterfall after 500+ steps down (and back up 🙂 )

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