Snap. Click. Capturing the moment.

Point, shoot. Snap, click.

I love pictures. I take hundreds if not thousands of them. I even pay for cloud storage so they can automatically upload themselves from my devices. Yet, in my desire to capture the moment, I have come to realize how often I unconsciously cut short the magic of the moment itself in order to snap a picture, or two or five…

While in Costa Rica, the irony of pictures really struck me. In wanting to create a memory for my future self to look back on, I actually step out of glory of the present moment. Funny, yet true.

This habit is even more apparent when I travel. I see tourists exert incredible effort or expense to arrive at a prime spot, pose for the perfect shot, to then leave immediately afterwards. It’s as if obtaining picture proof became the primary goal over the enjoyment of the experience itself.

Could it be that in our hyper-connected culture, the quest for likes has distracted us from living fully in every moment? Is instant gratification now all about achieving the ultimate great pic for others to acknowledge? Luckily no, we can all consciously take actions to keep this tendency at bay and strive for balance.

So the next time you are at an awesome place, I invite you to kick it old school and take some mental pictures. Savour the moment through your five senses. Taste the air, feel the sensation of the sun on your skin, hold your loved one tight. All without being in front of or behind a lens.

And then leave with the memory of it all captured in your mind.

…but if this sounds a little extreme, here are some baby steps for a happy medium.

First, savour the moment wholeheartedly, then create your digital memories after. Since most of our favourite memories are driven by emotions, taking the time to cherish the greatness of the experience will increase the quality of your pictures when you look back at them in the future.

So cheers to us living fully in each moment. And cheers to us capturing it on camera after experiencing the glorious emotions generated by being fully present.

And with this awareness, cheers to us snapping to our heart’s content.

Roxilla - Playa Hermosa - April 2016

Roxilla and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset walk at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. After the ride, she jumped wholeheartedly into our selfie session, pushing her way into the camera 😛 , I loved it. Then we walked into the ocean together. It was magical and hilarious.


Dust 201: My return to Burning Man

Burning Man Tickets & Vehicle Pass – Check!

Flights to Reno – Check!

Hotels in Reno – Check!

Dust bunny buddies – Check & all accounted for!

Anticipation & Enthusiasm – Totally Unchecked 🙂


The manic Main Sale for Burning Man tickets this past Wednesday turned me into a lucky lottery winner when I got the chance to purchase 2 entrance tickets and a vehicle pass to this coveted experience. With 70 000 registered buyers for 30 000 tickets and 10 000 vehicle passes, Burning Man 2016’s main sale wrapped up in just over 30 minutes, leaving many Burners out in the dust.

It was surreal, intense and exhilarating to be online with my Burning Man tribe from Duane’s Whirld and my mini-tribe of TEDxers as we live updated each other on our waiting line progress. When the clock struck noon PST, a little walking man on a progress bar became the guardian to our fates. Watching him inch slowly across the screen with his green progress trail was agonizing. I had my PC, my Macbook Air and my iPhone all entered in the race. All that was missing was the voice of a racetrack crier announcing which “horse” was in the lead. My iPhone crossed the finish line first, with my Mac at half way and my PC at a dismal quarter way there. So content was I to spend $980USD, almost $1400CDN to buy my entrance into Davinci’s Workshop, Burning Man’s theme for 2016.

With tickets in hand, I am proud to say that I took care of my flights and hotels in & out of Reno today, leaving nothing to chance in matters I can control. Last year, I participated in the frenzy of the Man burn on Saturday night and departed the morning after. As a contrast in 2016, I am looking forward to experiencing the solemnness of the Temple burn on Sunday prior to departing with the exodus on Labour Day Monday. It will be a proper close to what I am sure will be an incredible week of exploration and pure amazement, I already can’t wait to go home!

For those who want to embark on this adventure, I invite you to check out the STEP and OMG ticket sales dates to roll the dice for remaining tickets.

If you are a first-timer or just plain curious as to what it’s all about and what it takes to survive 10 days on the “Playa” in BlackRock City, please refer to the amazing prep material provided by the Burning Man Organization.

Last year, the BM Survival Guide was the ultimate reference for me, it prepared me psychologically before I stepped foot onto the Playa. Although, nothing can really adequately prepare you for your first BM experience, it does do a great job despite there really being no words to capture all that is Burning Man. You just have to be there and live it to truly understand its beauty and mystery.

It’s going to be awesome folks, I can feel it in my bones! I look forward to seeing y’all on the Playa in August/September 2016!

Burning Man Tickets