Drinking from a fire hose.

Today is my one year anniversary since joining Element AI and "drinking from a fire hose" is the only expression I feel accurately describes my incredible ride over the last 365 days.

The End of an Era.

The theme of this year’s TED conference was The Future You. Its relevance was striking as I flew home from sharing a mind-expanding week in NYC with my beloved TEDx tribe. Over the course of TEDFest, during the moments between powerful talks, I was overcome with profound gratitude mixed with a deep sadness as I … Continue reading The End of an Era.

Zero Inbox: Stop the Yo-Yo diet.

Current email weight: 700+ unread Goal email weight: Zero Attack plan: 1. Educate ourselves on how to eat email better - consume all forms of advice, tips & tricks on how to better manage out the junk to focus on more quality email. 2. Create a realistic plan with SMART principles to achieve and maintain goal email weight, which we … Continue reading Zero Inbox: Stop the Yo-Yo diet.