who am i & why do i exist?

My mission in life is to help good people succeed.

I support, ideate and work to help elevate those doing good for others in this world. I live to uplift, activate and connect people who treat all beings as equals, who have the heart to see root causes through drama and who act to implement solutions despite hurdles and judgment. Hats off to those who don’t just call out problems, point fingers and tell others to fix them but who will roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and pour themselves into their passion work not because it is well seen to do so, but because they could not imagine any other way than to participate actively in change-making.

My name is Katy, known to my friends as happykaty and I am delighted you stopped by today. I am a Montreal native totally in love with my city. With a perfect mix of science, art, music, academics, cultures, gastronomy and fun – Montreal fuels me. Energized by good company with inquisitive minds; I adore exploring ideas and divergent opinions with a good glass of Sancerre in hand. These are joyful moments.

A marketing & biz intel ninja at Element AI by day; Producer, head curator and license holder of TEDxMontreal by night. I have the privilegeparis red beret katy cropped of working with immensely talented teams that showcase Montreal on the world stages of AI & TED. At TEDxMontreal we get to dive into the heart of Montreal’s niches to find unique homegrown ideas that we can propel onto the TEDx world stage. Firmly believing that local ideas can have a positive global impact.

Like many, travel is a cornerstone of my existence. I am fuelled by new experiences and love to explore the pale blue dot we call our home. I am very fortunate to have traveled to over 20 countries so far and plan on continuing this love well into my old age as long as my legs and health permit me.

This blog is my opportunity to share the many lessons I have learned and reflections I have had in my personal quest to unlock happiness from within. My goal is to present new perspectives that challenge paradigms or at least make you think about the things we often take for granted and see them in a new light.

Even tiny modifications in our internal storytelling to break unproductive thought patterns can be a powerful method to generate great joy from small things. My hope is to help you experience more of those ephemeral moments, bringing more joy in your life.

I invite you to converse with me in this safe space, to challenge and evolve my thoughts. My only rule is that we always engage in a respectful and creative manner.

In the end, we are the stories we tell ourselves. This is the key to understanding joy.

So enough with the blah, blah – let’s unlock happy together! On our marks, get set, go!

If you ever want to chat with me directly, feel free to reach out at happykaty@gmail.com


One thought on “who is happykaty?

  1. Just read your latest blog and it’s absolutely amazing! You are so inspiring! Keep it up Katy..miss you tons!


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