I am the Indiana Jones of ideas.

A natural connector of people. I possess an uncanny ability to connect disparate ideas in generative new ways to help good people succeed.

I believe helping compassionate people turn moonshot ideas into reality is noble and this quest compels me to curate humanitarian ideas into being. My job in life is to elevate others.

Humility, integrity and a playful sense of wonder are bedrock values that enable me to thrive. Curiosity fuels me.

I was born to solve problems. And like to eat ambiguity for lunch.


Hi! My name is Katy, known to my friends as happykaty and I am delighted you stopped by. I am a Montrealer who is completely in love with her city.  I have the privilege of volunteering with an immensely talented team at TEDxMontreal that aims to elevate Montreal-born ideas onto the global stage. We believe that local ideas can have tremendously positive impacts worldwide. And I also get to work at Element AI and see the wide west frontier of AI expand, evolve and help, in my own small way, in its movement towards maturity.

This website is my playground to spitball ideas, kick concepts around and try shit out. A place where I can cultivate my sense of wonder for exploration both on the internal and external front. And ultimately, a place to dare myself to engage with you on a mishmash of unconventional topics and perspectives. 

I invite you to join me on this journey by conversing, challenging and bantering in this space with me so that we can push our thinking further. The golden rule is my only rule ♥

As a wise person once said, we are the stories we tell ourselves. So let us create more joy in our lives by telling ourselves more fun stories because the world is sometimes yucky out there.

Ok, the blah, blah is over, let’s embark on unlocking happy together!

Let’s do it with love, just need to get cape. wear cape. fly. simple right? 

u can fly

One thought on “who is happykaty?

  1. Just read your latest blog and it’s absolutely amazing! You are so inspiring! Keep it up Katy..miss you tons!


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