I am the Indiana Jones of ideas.

A natural connector of people. I have an uncanny ability to connect ideas in generative ways to help good people succeed. I live to be in service of those who want to turn moonshot ideas into reality. Compassion, humility, integrity and a playful sense of wonder are values I need to thrive.

Curiosity fuels me. I was born to solve problems. And like to eat ambiguity for lunch 😉


My name is Katy and I am delighted you stopped by. I am a Montrealer who is completely in love with her city and a person in love with people.  I have the immense privilege of collaborating with the brightest minds and biggest hearts on a daily basis. Be it as the General Manager of FounderFuel, Canada’s oldest tech accelerator, or as a longstanding volunteer with the immensely talented team at TEDxMontreal or as a Speaker Wrangler at the change making Hatch Experience, I have been blessed to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful humans on this pale blue dot.

This website is my playground to spitball ideas, kick concepts around and try stuff out. A place where I can cultivate my sense of wonder for exploring both the internal and external world. And ultimately, a place where I dare myself to engage with you on a mishmash of unconventional topics and perspectives. 

I invite you to join me on this journey by conversing, challenging and bantering in this space so that we can push our thinking further. The golden rule is my only rule ♥

As a wise person once said, we are the stories we tell ourselves. So let us create more joy in our lives by telling ourselves stories that challenge our mental constructs and that are also fun and entertaining because the world can be yucky sometimes.

Ok, the blah, blah is over, let’s start unlocking happy together!

And please, let everything be embarked upon with love and good intention. 

u can fly

And if you want to know more about me, here are some podcasts and other media.

Vent d’optimisme pour les start-ups – Les affaires ( mars 2021)undefined

2 thoughts on “who is happykaty?

  1. Just read your latest blog and it’s absolutely amazing! You are so inspiring! Keep it up Katy..miss you tons!


  2. Hello Katy! I’m on CH listening to you speak about AI and find you enlightening. I used to live in Montreal and am a fellow Canadian (living on the West Coast now).

    I’m in the finance SaaS sector and am exploring entrepreneurship these days. Haven’t found an idea that’s good enough for me to quit my day job and be fully passionate about yet.

    Wanted to drop a note and say hi and thank you for sharing your tips on CH!


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